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курсове по първа помощ

курсове по първа помощ

Following current First Aid guidelines, FirstAidbg.com provides first aid training courses that are primarily focused on acquiring practical first aid skills. Theoretical information is provided in a simple way, with minimal use of medical terminology. All the right actions and measures are step-by-step structured in clear and logical algorithms, which reduces stress during an accident and minimizes the possibility of making mistakes.

According to current surveys, even people who have passed first aid training  are often worried about taking action in case of emergency. It is due to the high level of stress in an accident and the lack of confidence in knowledge. These obstacles can be eliminated by increasing practical training and using more realistic learning cases. Therefore, simulation and role-playing games are used to make learning scenarios, which realistically reproduce the scene of the incident, the behavior of the victims, as well as the signs and symptoms of their injuries and condition.

In our first aid courses we use a variety of training methods that stimulate learners to participate actively – multimedia, video scenarios, practical simulations, solving theoretical case studies, discussions, practice of individual techniques with appropriate mannequins and simulators, the lecture type of training is minimal. This makes our training much more effective and the results much more durable.

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ПЪРВА ПОМОЩ - курсове по първа помощ, първа помощ на работното място и първа помощ на бебета и деца, аптечки, продукти и услуги